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Awning Repair, Maintenance & Cleaning Services

Awning Repair, Maintenance & Cleaning Services

Awning Repair and Maintenance

The Proper Care of Existing Awnings & Canopies Will Extend the Life of Both Hardware and Fabric

Our maintenance program includes washing and retreating your awnings with an appropriate cleaning solution and water repellent. Depending on the frame style and fabric, almost all awnings may be cleaned without being removed. If necessary we will take down your awning cover and re-stitch seams, replace binding and check for rust on the frame and hardware. Such areas should be promptly scraped and painted, as rust may discolor and deteriorate fabric coverings.

It’s not always costly to live on the water.

Products used in Awning Works projects require minimal maintenance because of the focus on quality components based on the requirements for safety, performance, strength and longevity:

  • Sunbrella® fabric
  • stainless steel
  • Gore® Tenara® thread
  • Super Durable powder coating

Products exposed to salt air and or wind driven contaminants must be treated with the same care you would give to a boat or other metallic equipment in order to prevent corrosion and wear of the framework, fasteners and finish. Salt/sand corrosion, “pitting” of the framework or finish, and other environmental damage are not considered manufacturing defects, and are not covered under manufacturer’s warranty.

Regular cleaning helps prevent dirt from becoming embedded in the fabric

About once a month:

  • Awnings should be hosed down with clean water. Choose a sunny day so the fabric dries quickly and thoroughly. Keep retractable awnings extended until they dry completely.
  • Awning undersides can be kept clean by brushing with a household broom.

At least twice a year:

  • Awnings should be gently scrubbed using a soft brush and a mild, natural soap (not a detergent)
  • Then rinsed with a garden hose. (DO NOT use a power washer!)
  • Take care to keep direct streams of water away from motors, electrical wiring, sensors and devices.

Our frame components are manufactured with a combination of aluminum, stainless steel and corrosion resistant carbon steel where extra strength is required. Although it holds up better than other metals, stainless steel is not impervious to rust.

  • Apply a corrosion-resistant coating to the stainless steel to protect it from salt air.
  • In the spring and fall lubricate moving joints with a penetrating lubricant that is not damaging to the units components.
  • Use aerosol silicone-type lubricant making sure not to get the lubricant on the fabric, and wipe away any excess. Use of other types of lubricants may not have a lasting affect and or may attract contaminants.
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