renaissance covered pergola

Renaissance Patio Pergolas

The Best of OUTDOOR LIVING with Renaissance Patio Pergolas and Covers

You are one step closer to the patio of your dreams. There is something to be said for using the best in materials and whether you are looking for shade or rain protection, our Renaissance product line will give you assurance of the most beautiful, maintenance free, and strongest patio cover options available on the market. Whether you are looking for a patio pergola, patio cover, or a patio roof, we literally have you covered!

In business since 1985, Awning Works is an expert installer and can be trusted to navigate tricky installations such as custom pergola roof brackets.

Creating an extension of your indoor space and having a luxurious and modern patio has never been easier with a Renaissance patio product.


Renaissance Classico

The Classico pergola patio gives you the look and feel of a lattice pergola but with a fully covered roof option. The Classico patio cover is a great alternative to building a traditional wood structure but comes with the worry free benefits of using maintenance free aluminum.

The Classico hits all of the highlights for those wanting the look and feel of a modern patio cover but with exposed beams to give you that wood pergola feel.


Renaissance Fresco

Our most modern and sleek patio pergola cover is the Fresco. Using polycarbonate roof panels allows some natural light to pass through but at the same time, keeping the temperature cool. This pergola style patio cover will give new life to your patio with its translucent roof and ultra sleek design. Available in multiple colors to suit any design taste, the Fresco patio pergola is our most highly sought after patio product.


renaissance moderno pergola

Looking for luxury patio pergola with a modern feel? Look no further than the Moderno patio cover. Combining quality materials with a design that is seamless-from the architectural gutters to the seamless connections, you can be sure that you’ll have the best patio cover on the market. Available in multiple colors you’ll get all the luxury that you need and all of the performance you require to keep out mother nature’s harsh sunlight rays and rain.

Open Lattice Pergola Trellis

Renaissance Aria

With our custom fabricated lattice pergola covers, you can enjoy partial shade and choose how close you would like to have the spacing, either to provide more or less of the sun’s rays to pass thru. Choose from a realistic driftwood finish, to mimic wood or a variety of powder coat options for a more modern finish.

Whatever your choice, the difference of choosing quality materials will be amazingly clear to you years later, when – unlike wood – you’ll never be in need of paint or repair. Constructed with aluminum components such as lattice tubes and solid style flat panels that are up to 33% thicker than many of the other aluminum lattice covers in the industry, our pergola trellis products ultimately provide additional strength and durability for a high performance structural shade cover.