BridgePoint Church decking canopies

Decking Panel Awnings

Key Features
  • No maintenance
  • Minimize solar heat gain
  • Reduce cooling costs and energy use
  • Variety of frame member sizes and shapes
  • Finishes in anodize and paint with up to a 20 yr. warranty to match or contrast with any wall construction
  • Distinctive architectural design
  • Integrated gutter and posts with downspouts

Our extruded aluminum decking panel awnings are the perfect solution for projects that require walkway canopies, storefront awnings, commercial eyebrow sunshades, stairway awnings and loading dock awnings. They can be designed to fit any shaped wall or platform, and their superior strength and low maintenance make them perfect for commercial awning or industrial sun control purposes. Because of the strength of the decking panels and their ability to carry spans, these awnings can be designed with minimal framework.

With an integral awning gutter system and downspout opportunities within posts, diagonal support arms or rods, these awnings are very functional and provide a very clean commercial look.

A variety of architectural profiles are available or can be custom fabricated to compliment surrounding elements.

Decking Panel Canopy Project Gallery

Decking Panel Canopy Residential Project Gallery