Aluminum Airfoil Louvered Sunshade

Home and Patio Awnings, Canopies, Covers, Shades, & Shutters

There is no debating the science: Florida is getting hotter. And those afternoon summer showers, heavier and more tempestuous. This is why it’s more important than ever to protect your family, friends (including the feline and Fido variety), and belongings from the elements. Awning Works Inc. offers a broad world of products for your home, backyard, patio, car, and boat that can keep them safe from the often extreme weather. We have 30-plus years of expertise providing, fabricating, and/or installing everything from affordable fixed aluminum awnings to convenient fabric retractables to boat-slip covers to custom pergola canopies. Our services allow you to make your outdoor space more livable and enjoyable by reducing glare, heat, and sunburn-causing UV rays. They also make them more attractive and energy efficient.

Awnings and Bahama Shutters

Whether it’s a fabric retractable or fixed clamshell, our awnings help protect your family and property from the harsh outdoor elements that we experience in the Tampa–St. Petersburg, Florida, area. Bahama shutters are louvered slats that affix firmly to the structure of buildings to protect the windows. Either way, these beautiful, easy home enhancements add curb appeal, could increase the value of your property, and up your family’s quality of life by providing shade and comfort around the exterior of your home.

Carports, Shade Sails, and Trellises

Under the scorching, blistering sun our cars sit—and roast. The paint fades and the interior plastics and leathers expand, contract, and slowly weaken. You can feel the heat as soon as you get in, and you may often waste time and gas slowly cooling your car down before you get underway. This is why we encourage you to look at our affordable, maintenance-free, attractive carports, which can be custom built to your exact specifications and even custom fitted to your home or dock. We also offer faux-wood trellises with open slats as well as shade sails, which use large expanses of anchored fabric to block many of the sun’s rays.

Roll Curtains and Solar Shades

As much about style as blocking the sun, window treatments that go beyond a quick trip down to your local Home Depot require years of expertise. We are here to help! We can help you decide between motorized and manual shades while offering a number of specialty sizes and custom options.

Outdoor Living

outdoor living, umbrellas, furniture, cushionsYour backyard furniture doesn’t need to be limited to brittle white plastic chairs that you have to replace every few years. Our patio furniture and decor is designed to be comfortable and stylish and, most importantly, able to withstand the elements. We offer drapes, pillows, furniture, grill covers, and umbrellas—many can be customized with our large selection of outdoor fabrics. Did you know our outdoor furniture fabrics will neither fade nor stain and come with a five-year warranty? Visit our showroom in Clearwater, Florida, to see many samples.