SunShelter Motorized Awning vs. Sunsetter – Lower Cost/Better Value

Motorized retractable awnings are definitely in vogue, and inexpensive offerings such as the Sunsetter are very tempting, but just because you don’t want to spend a lot of money doesn’t mean you have to go with a product of inferior quality. After all, this addition to your home is meant to last for many years.

SunShelter Difference

We know you’ll be happy with the SunShelter difference. We have 30 years of successful experience to support our claim. Take a serious look at our SunShelter lateral arm awning when comparing it to the Sunsetter XL motorized awning. Here is a rundown of some of the differences between the SunShelter Regal and the Sunsetter XL.

Sunsetter vs. SunShelter Quick Comparison Chart

awning retractable awning
Sunsetter XL Motorized SunShelter Regal
20'-0" wide x 11'-8" Projection 20'-0" wide x 11'-2" Projection
Charcoal Tweed 5 Year Fabric Charcoal Tweed Sunbrella® 10 Year Fabric
Somfy® Override Motor Sunea Somfy® Override Motor
Wireless Wind Sensor Wireless Somfy® Wind Sensor
18' Power Cord 18' Power Cord
Somfy® Remote Control Somfy® Remote Control
All Weather Warranty – 5 Yr. Limited 8 Year Frame Warranty
Accessory All Weather Warranty – 5 Yr. 5 Year Somfy® Warranty
Their Price Our Price
Price Includes $200 off discount  
$4,039.99* $3,899.00*
Other Key Comparison Features Other Key Comparison Features
Assembled in the USA Assembled in the USA entirely of
Italian-designed Components
28 Fabrics to Choose From 100s of Brand Name Fabrics
N/A TUV Certified
Maximum 11'-8" Projection Maximum 11'-2" Projection
4 Projection Sizes Controlled by Width 5 Projection Sizes to Choose From
Residential Application Residential Application
  Sunea Somfy® Motor Features Tension Safety Sensitivity
Baked Enamel Frame 5 Year Paint Finish Warranty
  Note: Powder coat paint provides a more durable, even coating & is more environmentally safe.
*installation additional

Inexpensive Doesn’t Mean Inferior

The SunShelter is built right here in the USA and made out of high-grade materials, including Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella is a quality brand of fabrics known for its durability and resistance to UV rays, water, mold, and mildew. Sunbrella fabric comes backed with a 10-year warranty where the Sunsetter’s fabric offers only five years. Sunbrella offers 100s of colors where the Sunsetter offers only 28. The SunShelter also uses a powder-coated finish, which is more durable and environmentally safe than the baked enamel finish found on the Sunsetter.

Degrees of SunShelter

The SunShelter Regal is designed for heavy-duty performance at a light-duty price. It is our most affordable model, designed for residential use. The Regal offers widths of up to 23 feet and projections from 5 feet-3 inches to 11 feet-2 inches and can be equipped with a manual hand-crank instead of a Somfy motor for further cost reduction. It is also backed up with an eight-year warranty on the frame.