bahama shutters

Bahama Shutters

Protect and Beautify Your Home

Key Features
  •  Extruded aluminum construction
  •  Corrosion resistant
  •  Closes & locks to your home for protection
  •  Adjustable shade settings
  •  Offers privacy
  •  pdf downloadPowder coating colors

Unfortunately, few consumers are aware of one of the most intelligent options for both protecting their home and beautifying it. Bahama shutters are just now gaining popularity in the U.S., and for good reason! These innovative and strategic shutters are light years ahead of the old-fashioned hinge-mounted shutters that used to protect windows. Bahama shutters are louvered slats that affix firmly to the structure of a building to protect the window, using telescoping arms to change the shutter’s angle.

Significant Savings

Bahama shutter detailOne advantage of Bahama shutters is the cash savings that you’ll instantly experience. The United States Department of Energy released statistics proving that awnings or shutters, especially those installed correctly and professionally, can slash energy bills by huge margins. In fact, heat gain calculated on eastern and western windows is as high as 77% when protected by shutters or an awning. Consider the same huge savings on cooling costs during the summer. Those numbers add up and translate into additional money saved on your energy bill.

Striking Beauty

Besides being a total money-saver, Bahama shutters are beautiful. They add an immense amount of style, flair and privacy to any property. With the extensive options that we have for color and design, you’re sure to find something that is the exact fit.

Powerful Protection

Bahama shutters are the ultimate in protection. They will guard your windows against high-impact winds (10,500 lbs, per square inch). They will help block against objects being hurled through the air. The protection of your windows should be one of your highest priorities during a hurricane, since loss of windows could lead to the loss of your roof, and further damage upon the structure of your house. Bahama shutters provide the protection that you need.

Other Bahama Shutter Styles

Ask us about our NOA approved hurricane Bahama shutters with articulating louvers as well as Bahama shutters available in 4 simulated woodgrain powder coatings.

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