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Park Seating & Amenities

Key Features
  • Assorted frame styles, table shapes, metal designs and powder coat colors
  • Custom logos can be printed on benches
  • Variety of mounting positions and accessories
  • Choice of Plastisol high-gloss shine or textured polyethylene coatings
  • 5-year warranty on all PVC-coated products, structural supports and powder coating

Build the perfect area to relax and play—live—outdoors without suffering from extreme heat or sacrificing a coordinating look. Superior Recreational Products, the maker of fine shade sails and umbrella canopies, is also ready to take care of the entire park or playground with its line of site amenities. With its large selection of coated metal park equipment, two types of coating options, and the ability to align the color of the shade with the benches, tables, and trash cans underneath, Superior stands out for having all that is needed for parks both big and small and providing a unifying look that will appeal to guests.

Picnic Tables

One great way to enjoy the outdoors is by establishing a dining area with a proper table and chairs. It allows you to slow life down and appreciate the great outdoors as you nibble on sandwiches. Superior has the style to fit your taste as well as your budget whether you want them round or rectangular, in-ground or portable, or with perforated or solid tops. It also offers wheelchair accessibility options.

Park Benches & Outdoor Seating

What’s a park without a bench? Besides a walking trail, it may be your first “attraction,” so to speak. Superior offers myriad bench styles, from the classic to metro, from the backless to the curved-back, from the portable to the in-ground. In addition to these styles, they are available in a variety of metal forms, from the solid to the slatted to the perforated and more. All these different styles touch on different price points, allowing you to find the right type of bench or outdoor seat for your park.

park amenities bench

Trash Receptacles & Ash Urns

Make keeping your park clean easy with our trash receptacles and ash urns. They come in a variety of different styles to match the form of its other products, providing your park with a unified look throughout. Many accessories are available, including tops, ash-can attachments, and plastic liners.

Specialty Benches & Furnishings

In addition to the go-to favorites, we offer many products that differ with their out-of-the-box thinking. The Buddy Bench is designed to bring about friendships by bringing children together and has made news for its anti-bullying benefits. We also offer other children-specific products, namely child-sized benches, picnic tables, and even trash-can receptacles. They are the perfect height for kids and adorable to parents. Superior Recreational Products has not forgotten about friends of Fido either; it carries a line of benches and trash cans made for the dog park. Lastly, whether with a desire to get in shape or to reduce CO2 gases, many people are taking their bikes to the park. For them, we offer a line of innovative bike racks in loop and wave forms.

metal designs and powder coat colors available from Superior Recreational Products