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Endless Summer Patio Heater

With the perfect patio heater, cool weather outdoor entertaining doesn’t become an “if”, but rather a “why not”? Enjoying your backyard or deck is no longer relegated to one part of the year. Awning Works’ selection of outdoor heaters and fire pits ensures complete customization in a variety of sizes and applications: tower or tabletop models, wall or ceiling-mounted — as well as stylish fire pits and fire bowls.

We offer a line of Endless Summer Table Lamp Outdoor Patio Heaters that combine functionality with style. The tabletop heater is able to warm any table and is easy enough to move around to relocate as needed. These small, stylish heaters are great for individuals and businesses alike, and with a familiar lamp design, they stand out while not looking out of place — a decorative and beautiful accent to any outdoor table.

We also have a line of outdoor heaters that offer the mesmerizing cylindrical flame tube heating system that meets all of the expected needs from an electric heater, putting out a wide radius of heat and withstanding weather elements and extreme heat.

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