Restoration Hardware Custom Pegola Cover Denver

Retractable Pergola Covers

Key Features
  • Uniform and controlled billow lengths
  • Fabric concealed aluminum cross supports
  • Gore Tenara limited lifetime sewing thread
  • Stainless steel cabling & marine fittings
  • Marine nickel grommets for drainage
  • Marine Dacron cord open & closure pulley system
  • Anodized, Kynar or powder coated finishes
  • Welded fabric seams on large units

Awning Works Inc. has developed a way to transform your trellis or pergola into a retractable fabric awning shade system that’s easily controlled with marine quality ropes and pulleys – the Shade Point Pergola System. Our retractable stainless steel cable guided billow shade system of Sunbrella® canvas or open mesh shade fabric offers the low maintenance and long life of marine products for your patio shade. We’ve designed a custom product that can be purchased and integrated with an outdoor trellis or pergola structure installed from us or we can retrofit your existing structure into a functional shade canopy system for your outdoor living space. The Shade Point Pergola System can also be installed on most trellis and pergola structures as a DIY (do-it-yourself) awning shade with a few basic hand tools and some general construction or marine rigging knowledge.

Custom retractable cable slide shade system

Retractable Pergola Cover Project Gallery