Black fixed fabric awning with custom embroidered logo

Buddy Brew – Custom Embroidered Awning

Project Scope

  •  Market: Restaurant
  •  Tampa, FL
  •  Client: Buddy Brew Coffee
  •  Architect:
  •  GC:
  •  Completion Date: May 2016

Embroidered awning: First of its kind, using the new, outdoor Sunbrella® thread.

Buddy Brew Coffee of Tampa just opened its newest space in the high end retail area of South Tampa’s Hyde Park Village. For their black fabric awnings, they wanted a unique look, with a more finished, higher quality design. Embroidering their logo on the valance of their awnings — instead of using a traditional graphic applique system — resulted in a stellar, one of a kind, entrance into what’s becoming a very popular coffee spot with an enormous, local following.

Embroidery has long been considered a more elegant and classier way to present a design. The opportunity of an embroidered awning never really existed until recently, with the addition of the new to market, Sunbrella embroidery thread. Embroidering always gives more dimension, and in the past, embroidery thread-for outdoor use never existed. Sure, you could embroider something that would be used outdoors…pillows, cushions, boat seats, or awnings but the thread, when exposed to the sun, would end up deteriorating quickly.

Buddy Brew coffee hyde park village tampa floridaNow, with the introduction of Sunbrella thread, we can take an outdoor product and give it a more finished look by embroidering it with UV resistant, Sunbrella thread. Embroidering something translates as high quality and for brands it means a perceived representation of high quality when they use embroidery as a method to display their logo.

Embroidered awnings, embroidered outdoor flags, embroidered Sunbrella pillows — you name it. Almost all of it is possible and it’s all backed by the same robust warranty that comes with Sunbrella fabric.

Awning Works was commissioned to do this project and is the only company in the United States with the capabilities to do large format embroidering in a commercial application using the Sunbrella embroidery thread.