roll curtains - Busch Gardens, Tampa, FL

Busch Gardens Tampa – Roll Curtains

Project Scope
  •  Market: Theme Park
  •  Tampa, FL
  •  Client: Busch Gardens Tampa
  •  Completion Date: Apr. 2014

There has been a lot of buzz around the Tampa Bay area and with thrill seekers around the world for the new Falcon’s Fury ride at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. The 335-foot thrill ride is the largest freestanding drop tower in North America and is part of a revitalization of the Busch Gardens Tampa theme park.

Falcon’s Fury is the centerpiece of Pantopia, the newest land in Busch Gardens. While we haven’t yet felt the fury of dropping at 60 mph, Awning Works, Inc. did help set up some of the areas in Pantopia. There are plenty of attractions around the land, including the Painted Camel Bazaar. Awning Works was able to install roll curtains that will provide some much-needed shade for those visiting the new area of the park.

For the roll curtains on this project, we used many fabrics, including Sunbrella Aquamarine 6023. Roll curtains can be solid, like the one we did at Busch Gardens, or we are able to have clear crystal windows added, which are often better for outside dining. Drop roll curtains and drop shades are just a few of the outdoor options we offer.