Villagio at Tierra Verde custom fabric canopy

Villaggio at Tierra Verde Condominiums – Custom Canopy

Project Scope

  •  Market: Residential
  •  Tierra Verde, FL
  •  Client: The Villagio
  •  Architect:
  •  GC:
  •  Completion Date: Feb. 2014

At Awning Works, we thrive on challenges. Our latest project, the Villaggio at Tierra Verde Condominiums was the kind of job we enjoy the most. The Villaggio is the apex of luxury condominium living in Pinellas County, FL. With its Mediterranean architecture and resort-like amenities, the gorgeous Grand Canal waterfront location and breathtaking views make it a well sought after place to live. Naturally, the preservation of the superb water views and maintaining the look of the condominiums were priorities when it came to designing a canopy to cover the pool support equipment area.

Dennis Gilbert, President of the Owners Association at Villaggio, explains the process:

“The original plan was to complete a building to house all the equipment, but due to numerous restrictions the plan had to be modified to satisfy tough criteria. The area we are referencing is approximately 14'×15'. An engineering firm completed the drawings, but we discovered the height of the building would block the view of one of the units and putting a roof on the enclosure not only blocked the view but zoning codes made it almost impossible to complete the project at a reasonable cost.

That’s where Steve Schechner (owner of Awning Works, Inc.) came in: he worked with us to design a canopy that would be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing to the condo owners. Steve suggested a hip roof design with a reduced pitch which would offer a much lower profile. The frame was fabricated of welded aluminum and bolted to the block walls so it will sustain 120 mph storm winds. The awning fabric is a PVC composite that is treated with a finish that insures color retention and prolonged fabric life. We chose a color that matched the building and Steve suggested painting the frame to match. The entire unit was installed in just a couple days by an experienced crew.

The finished project more than met our expectations and was less than half the cost of the original roof bid.”

Awning Works would like to thank Dennis and the residents of Villaggio for entrusting us to give them what was needed: a hip roof canopy designed with a low profile and a colored finish to preserve the integrity of the property. If you have a job that demands custom performance or you just want to let your imagination soar, we are always at the ready to exceed expectations and complete our jobs with the highest quality products and performance available.