torn shade needs recover

Awning and Canopy Recovers

Recovering Features:
  • Alnet, Commercial 95 and Polyfab materials have a 10-year warranty, over 90% UVR block, some are fire resistant and are 100% recyclable with many colors available.
  • Tension cable and turnbuckles (if required) would be replaced.
  • Fabric is sewn together using Gore Tenara thread, not heat sealed.
  • The outside perimeter is double stitched to provide a stronger edge.
  • Certain fabrics will receive a Kevlar-reinforced corner once the shade exceeds 900 sq. ft.

Whether a commercial shade structure or residential awning recover, many awning frames can be saved and recovering the fabric portion of the canopy is an expedited and cost-effective way to repair the problem, which in most cases does not require a full-frame reconstruction.

Shade Sail and Shade Structure Recovers

Awning Works Inc. offers an awning recover program for all types of shade systems. With the ever-intensifying heat, don’t be caught without reliable, protective shade. Utilizing high-density polyethylene (HDPE) mesh fabrics offer long-lasting UV protection, strength and resistance to tearing. This program is perfect for parking structures, playgrounds, pools and other outdoor facilities. We offer an easy, cost-effective program for situations where replacement is not an option.

Our canopy recover program is available in all of west and central Florida, including the Orlando area, as well as West Florida, including Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater area. Whether at a sports complex over the bleachers, a commercial playground, or common area over a poolside, our shade structure recovers are built to last. We have worked with many city municipalities as well as Orlando theme parks such as Legoland and Disney to bring commercial shade recovers to their existing frame systems.

See if your company or organization is eligible to apply for up to $8,000 in grants to cover the cost of the shade structure by visiting the American Academy of Dermatology.

Baseball and soccer fields, as well as community pools, can benefit from a program facilitating an easier solution to maintain upkeep on the many shelters required for municipal sports complexes and other responsibilities of parks and recreation.

Those involved in servicing a private country club with myriad instances of shade will find our program is key for recovering old or torn/damaged existing shade structures.

Perhaps nowhere is more instrumental in protecting our children than strong, reliable shade on playgrounds and wherever they gather outside, like nursery schools. Our program would be beneficial for any private enterprise looking for a cost-effective, practical recovering solution.