Design & Shop Drawing Services

Awning Works Inc. project design
  • Professional CAD shop drawings
  • Construction documents and specifications
  • Value engineering
  • Renderings

Development Process

When Awning Works Inc. begins work on your project, we implement our proven product design process. Our process is backed by 22 years of successful business operation and over 70 years of combined knowledge in design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and quality control. Our process encompasses four areas:

  • Project requirements
  • In-House production and installation capability
  • Component and workmanship quality control
  • Project completion and customer satisfaction

Project Requirements includes the review of related contract specifications, drawings and your interpretation of the project requirements.

In-House Production and Installation Capability encompasses refining project designs consistent with your production equipment, personnel skill levels and your installation abilities.

Component and Workmanship Quality Control starts in the design process using the most cost effective parts that have the highest quality levels that provide for the highest level of workmanship possible.

Project Completion and Customer Satisfaction completes the process with the identification of as built changes for future similar projects, review of practical considerations during manufacturing and installation and summary review of the entire process.

Complete Design and Fabrication
Awning Works Inc. can provide complete design and fabrication of your project and ship to your location. Provide photos, specifications (if any), dimensions and we will do the rest.

As an architectural structure manufacturer since 1985, we have a significant amount of planning, drawing and manufacturing successes to offer. Call us early in your design stages, we can save you hours, maybe even weeks of design and fabrication time. Pre-Engineering and CAD drawings are a professional way to communicate with your customer, assess your profitability and feasibility of their project.