Storm Protection

Every year, hurricanes cost Floridians millions of dollars. With the increasing amount of hurricanes that current climate conditions are generating, no one knows how devastating the next hurricane will be. For those who own property in Florida, hurricane protection ought to be a highest priority. How can you keep your family safe? How can you protect your clients or customers in the event of a damaging storm? How can you avoid total personal financial ruin by the loss of your property?

Solar Point Retractable Hurricane Screens

Fenetex retractable hurricane screens
Key Features
  • 200 MPH wind zone
  • Manual or powered
  • Stops wind & rain
  • Provides privacy
  • Solar screen options
  • Maintenance free
  • See-through
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Quiet
Fenetex retractable hurricane screen

Form and function come together with the Solar Point Retractable Hurricane Screen. This home protection screen especially built for patios and outdoor spaces is as easy as it is beautiful. With a touch of a button you can secure your home against debris, wind and rain. These screens can be installed on existing structures or built in to be concealed in new construction.

Our hurricane screens are tested using the most rigid methods and standards for hurricane protection. They can withstand wind speeds up to 200 MPH! For an appealing finished look, the screens can be installed to disappear completely. Systems are designed to be built directly into walls or columns for a beautifully uncluttered outdoor space. Structurally, guides made from high quality aluminum are custom-made to connect a weight bar to the vertical tracks. This diverts stress away from the corners of the fabric, preventing screens from moving around and bunching up, avoiding nuisance noise.

With one touch of a button, the screens’ Somfy® motors can be controlled with a wall switch or hand held remote. There’s also an optional manual hand crank for those of us who like to keep things old school.

Solar Point Retractable Hurricane Screens use top-of-the-line polypropylene mesh fabric with two standard colors for their screens as well as a dual purpose shade/hurricane fabric that does it all. These screens are durable, lightweight and effectively block wind, rain and debris. They also offer two standard colors for the track as well as custom color matching for a seamless addition to your patio.

Decorative, Pre-Engineered Hurricane Shutters

  • Decorative or high velocity wind load designs
  • Welded or mechanical designs
  • Fixed or hinged operation
  • Telescoping and fixed arm designs
  • Insect screen options
  • Louver blades available in 2"-5 1/2" profiles
  • Anodized, Kynar or powder coated finishes

Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters function slightly different from roll shutters. This shutter uses connected aluminum panels affixed to both an upper and lower track. Locking pins securely attach each panel to the track. The panels are opened by easily sliding them to the side—to the right, to the left, or to the center, depending on your preference. When moved to the side, they stack neatly to a thickness of one inch for every one foot of shutter. Each accordion shutter that we install contains a unique offset guide screw that keeps the product from deterioration or corrosion. Accordion shutters are an ideal option for security purposes, since they can be closed and locked with a key. Like all of our shutter options, they are perfect for protection from hurricanes, ideal for using to reduce energy costs, and available in a variety of colors and styles. (All accordion shutters meet or exceed Dade County Florida Standards.)

aluminum retractable storm shutters

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