Fixed Fabric Awnings

Key Features
  • Pre-Engineered product line
  • Structural welded aluminum frame
  • 5-10 year fabric warranties
  • High frequency welded seams
  • Tenara limited lifetime thread
  • Stapled fabric systems
  • Marine-grade powder coat, anodize and Kynar finishes
  • Add graphics or embroidery for signage
  • Learn about our backlit awnings
fixed fabric awning detail

Take into consideration the visual appeal and economic savings that professional awning installation can bring.

Quality product begins with quality materials and manufacturing. We do our work in-house. The spacious 8500 sq. ft. headquarters in the Tampa Bay area contains the equipment and resources to create high quality work. Commercial awnings require special attention, and as we create welded structural aluminum frames, we keep this in mind. We even offer high frequency welded seams (heat seal) for vinyl awning covers.

Beyond the mere canopy, Awning Works Inc. delivers the latest in awning and canopy technology. This translates into greater durability, savings, and options for you as the customer. We provide Standing Seam Kynar® Finishes. We also offer Ultra Seam products with a premium polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) based coating system that provides exceptional color stability, chalk resistance, durability, abrasion resistance, and flexibility. Ultra Seam products are available in G-90 hot-dipped galvanized steel, Galvalume, zincalume, aluminum, copper, zinc and stainless steel.

We utilize several ways to attach the fabric awning cover to the structural aluminum frame. One common and sturdy method is using steel stitch Milliken tubing along with staples and PVC trim. Often, grommets laced to the awning frame are an option for some types of canopies. We also seam and screw fabric to the awning frame or use stainless steel cable.

Why Install Residential Awnings on Your Home?

Stunningly aesthetic.
Awnings, by Awning Works Inc, can bring terrific beauty to your home. The crisp lines or subtle hues of custom-designed awnings will add an eye-catching flair to any home. Knowing that an awning or canopy will fit in almost any space, for any size, and a multitude of purposes, gives you plenty of options to work with. Color choices? Limitless, as is our style and design. Choose from: traditional, dome, casement, convex and open wing.

fabric awning for residential

Economically savvy.
Although oft-overlooked, awnings are an outstanding money-saving investment. Studies from the US Department of Energy indicate that awnings, properly installed, will prevent heat loss by nearly 80%! Awnings on south-facing windows will reduce heat gain by 65%. Awnings on east and west-facing windows will reduce heat gain by 77%. Imagine the impact this will have on your annual heating and cooling costs!

Why choose Awning Works Inc?

residential fixed awningYour choice in awning installation is an important one. After all, it is the condition and appearance of your property that is at stake. Our installation is performed by practiced professionals, who do this for a living. Their care and precision will be evident every step of the way. The swiftness of their installation does not detract from the exceptional quality. Satisfied customers can attest to the unparalleled service that our company consistently delivers. We are confident in our quality and committed to our service as our 25+ years of history can attest.

Prudently protective.
Water damage is a home’s greatest enemy, but professionally-installed awnings will keep you, and your home, dry. Awnings over windows keep seeping liquid from penetrating into cracks. Awnings over doors will keep moisture out of the door–and off of you! Awnings just about anywhere will keep property and people dry. Awnings are essentially a shield from the elements.

Where Do I install Awnings?

Just about anywhere. You can install awnings by a pool, as many of our customers have chosen to do. Consider installing awnings above windows and especially over entry-doors. Install an awning in front of a bay window or by an outdoor grill. You can even have an awning installed for a touch of decor in your indoor space. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Quality of installation is only the beginning.
You will be amazed at the high-caliber of the actual fabric and thread. We select fabric that is specifically designed for durability and longevity. Although quality fabrics are hard to come by, we strive to give you a product that will last for a very long time. Our materials come with manufacturer’s warranties that will last for up to ten years. In addition, we ensure that our threads and fabrics are UV protected. We know how tough the elements can be. Scorching sun rays seem to fade nearly anything. Whipping winds, especially in hurricane conditions, can damage nearly everything. Driving rains penetrate crevices and nooks, causing harmful soaking. Against all of these elements, our awnings endure. Now that is quality you can trust in.

Accidents do happen.
And if they do, we stand by our commitment to quality. We work with many different insurance companies to repair or replace damaged awnings and other structures. Once we install it, we stand by it.

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