Watchfire LED signs

Watchfire LED Electronic Signs – Made in the USA

Create and Schedule Messages for Your Sign From Anywhere in the World

We’re proud to be an authorized dealer of Watchfire® outdoor electronic message centers. A Watchfire LED sign is like having a salesperson selling your business to passing traffic 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many different sizes and resolutions are available, with the right one being dependent not only on your preferences but also on your location, the speed of passing traffic, and whether or not you plan to use a lot of animation and video. Because you can change your board’s message as often as you like, you can tailor-make messages for rush hour, lunch, or dinnertime, holidays, weekends, and more! This is direct marketing at its finest.

Bring your messages to life—with our help!

Watchfire App for remote schedulingWatchfire has created a quality LED sign package complete with proprietary graphics software that not only is user friendly but also includes a library which contains over 1,000 stills and animations. As a fellow Watchfire sign owner, we can also show you the ins and outs of the software, teach you about its WiFi and Ethernet networking capabilities, and even help you prepare new imagery and graphics for your sign as an optional, low-cost service. Also, ask about our leasing options and learn more about financing available.

We offer fast, flexible financing

We offer a competitive financing program that is specifically geared towards business owners. The list of leasable assets is extensive, and flexible payment options up to 60 months are available. Learn more about financing.

24/7 Access With the Watchfire Portal

Scheduling the content on your Watchfire sign is a snap. Rearrange your messages, publish content in your library, schedule media, and run diagnostics while out to dinner or away on business. Access to the Watchfire portal works with any Watchfire sign that uses WiFi as its communication method.


Watchfire carries the industry’s most comprehensive five-year EMC warranty, which covers the following:

  • All Watchfire-manufactured electronic products
  • All LED board assemblies
  • All power supplies
  • All embedded electronic controls

From your first sales contact to the design phase to the installation to after-sale customer support, we are sure you’ll be impressed with our level of service. Download a PDF to learn more about the Watchfire difference!

All Watchfire LED modules:

  • feature an all-weather encapsulation in a bed of silicone gel
  • undergo rigorous testing through 180 consecutive days of underwater immersion and 60 consecutive days of salt spray
  • come with a 100-percent solid state modular design that can be scaled up to very large sizes
  • are offered in extruded aluminum with precision mitered corners, solid welds, stainless steel fasteners, and 30-percent gloss black polyurethane finishes
  • are available in slim cabinetry
  • feature time, day, and date displays (temperature display, optional).
  • run on 110-volt or 220-volts with the average energy consumption equal to about 1/3 of total wattage
  • are UL48 and CUL48 listed and UL Energy Efficiency Certified.
  • are manufactured using meticulously sourced components from all over the world.

Call us at (727) 524-1118 to schedule an on-site real time demo of a working sign to see the Watchfire difference.