Portable 10′ x 10′ and 10′ x 20′ InTent Shade Canopy

Need Shade in a Hurry While Responding to Social Distancing Guidelines for Customers, Employees and Students?


  • 100% Made in America, Clearwater Florida
  • Fire Retardant Fabric (see specifications below)
  • No Tools or Ladders Required to Erect
  • Aerodynamic Lightweight Design

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The InTent from Awning Works Inc. is a production product manufactured in the more common 10'×20' size and available as a 10'×10' unit designed for portability and ease of use. Units can be connected to cover long walkways or paths and by design are waterproof and easily shed water with its sloped roof.

Its design is based on our 30-year Showoff Tent manufacturing success that combines economy and sturdiness. The Showoff withstands years of use by Artists at weekend art shows erecting and dismantling the tent in various climates and terrain. Like the Showoff Tent the InTent is lightweight, strong and can be set up by 2 people without any tools or ladders.


Choose a Complete InTent System

10'×10' System 10'×20' System
Top Frame Top Frame
3 Carry Bags 4 Carry Bags
8 Guide Ropes 10 Guide Ropes
4 XL Sand Bags 6 XL Sand Bags

Choose These Additional Options

36" Awning: Our 36" projection awning is constructed of the same vinyl polyester as the InTent tent and with aluminum frame components and PVC fittings. The awning easily attaches to the InTent frame with slide fittings and the fabric is zippered to the top fabric. No tools are required. The awning can be designed in custom projections up to 36" and can be attached on any side of the tent.

Awning Zipper: The awning zipper option allows you to add an awning at a later date or is an option to add to various sides of the InTent to allow use of the awning as need per your setup location.

Universal Setup Aide: Aluminum telescoping aid to assist with holding the cross bars at various heights to allow an easier process to erect the tent. Can be used for a variety of tasks where an extra person is not available to hold the product in place during setup. No tools are required to use the Universal Setup Aide.

Zippered Gutter Joiner: The Zippered Gutter Joiner is designed to provide a water management system when connecting two (2) or more MedTents or InTents together. The water collected in the gutter will simply drain to the rear of the tent. When ordering, the tent tops will have an extra zipper added to allow for the Gutter Joiner to be connected without interference with the zippered sides. The pricing is inclusive of all zippers and no tools are required to add the Zippered Gutter Joiner.

XL Sand Weight Bag: Our new 50 lb. XL weight bag is constructed of a heavy vinyl polyester fabric that velcro attaches to the InTent frame legs and sits atop the leg plate or has grommet straps to attach to guy ropes adjacent to the InTent or other secure tie down method (tie downs are recommended). We also designed a filler plug for use with a funnel (not supplied) and when filled with sand, the XL bag weighs 50 lbs.

Purchase Options – Pick Up In Our Clearwater, FL Showroom Only

InTent System
(Frame, Top, Carry Bags, XL Sand Bags, Guy Ropes, 7 Stakes)

Size Selection

InTent Top Frame Only $1,195.00-$2,095.00

Size Selection

36" Awning $175.00-$275.00

Size Selection

Awning Zipper $26.95-$44.95

Size Selection

Universal Setup Aide $64.95

InTent Zippered Gutter Joiner $69.95

XL 50 Lb. Sand Bag $29.95

10×10 InTent Set – Sides (4) Only $395.00

10×20 InTent Set – Sides (6) Only $795.00

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Awning Works Inc. InTent System Specifications

Frame System (Approximate Dimensions)
Overall Sizes 10'×10' and 20'×10'
Standard Setup Front Clearance 8'6"
Standard Setup Rear Clearance 6'6"
Telescoping Anodized Aluminum Tubing 1.5" OD
Aluminum Casted Structural Corners
Adjustable Legs and Feet Accommodate Uneven Ground
YKK Zippers
3/16 Polyester Guy Ropes and 9" Galvanized Spikes
XL Sand Bags 50Lbs Made of High Strength Vinyl Polyester
Fabric: 10.0 oz. per sq. yd. Vinyl Polyester Fabric
Mechanical Properties Warp/Fill
Adhesion: (5970) 18 +/- 2 lb./2 in.
Tensile Strength: (5100) 95 × 95 lbs./in.
Tear Strength: (5134) 18 × 18 lbs.
Hydrostatic Resistance: (5512) 170 PSI
Flame Resistance: (5903)
After Flame: (sec) 2 × 2
Char. Length: (inches) 3.5 × 3.5
Registered with the California State Fire Marshal
Other Properties
Heat Sealable
Cleaning – Mild Soap and Water
Storage – Always Store Clean and Dry