portable medTent

Portable 10′ x 20′ and 10′ x 10′ MedTent Shade Canopy


  • 100% Made in America, Clearwater Florida
  • Antimicrobial, Anti-static and Fire Retardant Fabric (see specifications below)
  • No Tools or Ladders Required to Erect
  • Aerodynamic Lightweight Design
  • Convertible for Indoor Use With Isolation Panels and Without the Top Covering

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Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, Awning Works Inc. has developed, based upon its 30-year proven design of the Showoff Canopy, a portable MedTent product that’s suited to inherently provide shade but uniquely incorporates an antimicrobial, anti-static and flame retardant fabric used in institutional hospital settings to mitigate the spread of germs. The MedTent components are all Made In America and all manufacturing is done in our Clearwater, Florida facility.

What is the MedTent?

The MedTent is an outdoor portable and temporary shelter that is convertible to be used indoors with or without the top fabric as the zippered sides and isolation panels can also be secured with their Velcro straps. The Shade Canopy version of the MedTent, the InTent, is identical except we use our proven Showoff pure white tent fabric which for 30 years, artists who perform weekend art shows have been getting great performance results for longevity of fabric wear and wind resistance as compared to other portable less-structural tents like EZ Up and KD or other low cost offshore manufactured products.

The aerodynamic slanted front and sloped roof design provides less wind resistance as vertical or peaked tents. Combined with the use of telescoping anodized aluminum tubing for the frame and leg supports makes the MedTent a simple installation without the need for tools or ladders and can be erected with 2 people as shown in our MedTent setup video.

The MedTent / InTent is portable, lightweight and easy to set up and does require to be weighted and guy roped for any outdoor application. Like all tent products, please be vigilant in securing your MedTent and aware of weather conditions that go beyond typical inclement weather that could require additional securing or removal of the fabric.

The MedTent as designed could be used to drive into as the space between legs is approximately 10'0" or add the optional 36" projection awning for cars to drive alongside to protect staff while servicing car drivers. Additionally, the MedTents can be connected to each other with a zippered gutter joiner that could allow for several continuous MedTent setups. Similarly if using an InTent along a sidewalk, the same option exists to cover long waiting areas for various functions ie. testing lines, voting lines, shopping lines, movie theaters, sports functions, transit waiting lines, etc.

Complete MedTent Package
(quantities shown for 10' and 20' configurations)

The InTent Package is the same except it is also offered without zippered sides.

  • (1) Telescoping Anodized Aluminum Frame Assembly with Legs
  • (1) Easy On/Off Top with Side Release Buckles
  • (4-6) YKK Zippered Sides- Front and Rear Have Center Zippered Doorways
  • (2-4) Carry Bags to Hold Frame and Fabric
  • (4-6) 50 Lb Each Sand Bags (uses standard tent fabric and sand not included)
  • (8-10) Guy Ropes 3/16" Polyester and 9" Galvanized Stakes
MedTent carry bags
Carry Bags

Options Available

  • Front 36" Projection Awning
  • Interior ISO Screens 7' Wide × 77" Height with Cross Bar/Fittings / Each 10'×20' Can Have 5 Isolation Screens Approximately 3'-4" Apart for Cots
  • Gutter Zipper Joiner to Connect Multiple Units For Rain Drainage to Rear of Tent
  • XL Sand Bags 50 Lbs. When Filled and Can Strap to Legs, Attach to Guy Ropes from Inside or Outside of Corners
  • Guy Ropes and 9" Galvanized Spikes
medTent with awning
With projection awning option, as a 2-lane drive through with center ISO. To be fully secured, use guy ropes and 6 sandbags.

Purchase Options – Pick Up In Our Clearwater, FL Showroom Only

MedTent System
(Frame, Top, Zippered Sides, Carry Bags, XL Sand Bags, Guy Ropes, Stakes)

Size Selection

MedTent Interior ISO Screen $169.95

36" Awning $199.95-$289.95

Size Selection

Awning Zipper $26.95-$44.95

Size Selection

Universal Setup Aide $64.95

MedTent Zippered Gutter Joiner $79.95

XL 50 Lb. Sand Bag $29.95

Complete Indoor MedTent Package

  • 10' × 20' Frame
  • (6) Adjustable Legs
  • (6) Tied & Velcroed Sides
  • (2) Carry Bags to Hold Frame and Fabric
Indoor MedTent System 10×20
(Frame, Adjustable Legs, Tied & Velcroed Sides, Carry Bags)

MedTent Interior ISO Screen $169.95

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Awning Works Inc. MedTent System Specifications

Frame System (Approximate Dimensions)
Overall Sizes 10'×10' and 20'×10'
Standard Setup Front Clearance 8'6"
Standard Setup Rear Clearance 6'6"
Telescoping Anodized Aluminum Tubing 1.5" OD
Aluminum Casted Structural Corners
Adjustable Legs and Feet Accommodate Uneven Ground
YKK Zippers
3/16 Polyester Guy Ropes and 9" Galvanized Spikes
XL Sand Bags 50Lbs Made of High Strength Vinyl Polyester
Fabric: 10.5 oz. per sq. yd. Linen Healthcare and Institutional Ticking – 72 inch
Mechanical Properties Warp Fill
Adhesion: (5970) 15 +/- 2 lb./2 in. 15 +/- 2 lb./2 in.
Tensile Strength: (5100) 100 +/- 10 lb./in. 100 +/- 10 lb./in.
Tongue Tear: (5134) 20 +/- 5 lb. 20 +/- 5 lb.
Hydrostatic Resistance: (5512) 125  
Flame Resistance: (5903)
After Flame: (sec) ≤ 2.0 ≤ 2.0
Char. Length: (inches) ≤ 4.5 ≤ 4.5
NFPA 701 – Pass (Registered with the California State Fire Marshal)
Other Properties
Heat Sealable
Anti-Microbial Resistance – Staph Aureus & Klebsiella Pneumoniae – 0% Survival
Anti-Static Resistance – Less than 1 x 1011 Ohms
Cleaning – Mild Soap and Water
Storage – Always Store Clean and Dry