Tension sunshades at The Getaway, St. Petersburg, FL

The Getaway – Shade Sails

Project Scope
  •  Market: Restaurant
  •  St. Petersburg, FL
  •  Client: The Getaway
  •  Completion Date: July 2015

There seems to be some customer confusion with cable-tensioned sun shades. From the outside, it appears to be a simple DIY project: Buy some outdoor fabric and tie it to some nearby palm trees. The reality is much more calculated. While we wish it were that easy, such methods would not withstand much wind or rain, which Florida offers in droves. Let’s explain further with our latest example:

In the Tampa Bay area, The Getaway is one of the most popular places for both locals and tourists to enjoy the best that Florida has to offer. Located off Gandy Boulevard on the St. Petersburg side of the bridge, The Getaway is described as “the best of the Florida Keys and the Caribbean.” Visitors can sit dockside, enjoy a good meal or cocktail at the tiki bar, and relax in the soft sand while watching a picturesque sunset. It’s the perfect place for fun in the sun, but The Getaway recognized the need for some escape from the Florida heat. It hired us to install a set of tension sun shades to keep the patio area of The Getaway protected from the hot summer sun.

To do this properly, our engineers had to take into account such high-level math terms as catenary curves and ensure the cable-tensioned canopy was the proper height and pitch while meeting Florida’s stringent wind-speed ratings, which are the highest of any state. The job ended up requiring custom-fabricated, powder-coated brackets to properly tension the three mesh shade sails in Commercial 95 Desert Sand and Cayenne, but the result is a customer getaway (pardon the pun) that will last for years to come.

We were able to not only aesthetically add to the beauty of The Getaway but also help keep its patrons as cool as its drinks. With stainless steel cables, turnbuckles, and other hardware that can withstand the salty environment, the shade sails provide a strong return on investment that will keep customers coming back.

As you can see, even the simplest-looking solutions can be much more involved, but it’s this type of due diligence and custom fabrication that enables us to meet customers’ needs properly. We here at Awning Works are proud of the fact that we have solved many clients’ problems, big and small. From the colors to the type of fabric to the design of the whole structure, our professionals are able to create exactly what you need to suit your home or business.

Whether visiting by land or sea, those who enjoy a day at The Getaway can now rest easy in the shade of coconut palms and shade sails. As for those looking to visit Awning Works, we currently only offer access by land. You can stop by our showroom in Clearwater, Florida, six days a week.