kropf decking canopy

Residential – Decking Panel Canopy with Faux Woodgrain

Project Scope
  •  Market: Residential
  •  St. Petersburg, FL
  •  Completion Date: October 2022

Located in St. Petersburg’s beautiful Snell Isle neighborhood, this new home had originally been designed with a trellis system in mind for patio and pool area shade. However after much consideration of taking up pavers and putting footers close to the pool plumbing, the homeowner ultimately went in a new direction and fell in love with Awning Works’ modern cantilevered metal canopy option with faux woodgrain.

By upgrading the size of the fascia of the canopy we were able to meet a projection of 7 ft. without having to have return arms to the wall. This provided a much sleeker modern design. The homeowner already had pre-engineered wood planks installed in the porch ceilings on the first and second floors, so using the faux wood powder coat match was a perfect solution to not only make this canopy pop, but also integrate it with the current design choices.

This project will provide as much shade as an attached roof without the inconvenience of posts blocking views and footers in the way of plumbing.

Before / After

kropf poolside before
kropf poolside after