Playground Shade

Awning Works Inc. has you covered—quite literally—with our line of tensioned shade sails and screens and other sun-control devices. We service schools, churches, parks, and other facilities with public playgrounds, providing children often much needed respite from the sun’s heat and facilities the proper shade requirements for accreditation.

Playground sunshade colorsThe American Skin cancer foundation in many ways supports shade systems to protect children from UV rays. Awning Works offers playground recovers in the Orlando and central Florida area, as well as the Tampa Bay Area. If you have an existing shade cover over a playground system that needs replacing, find out more about our shade recover program.

You’ve seen it: Your children have been outdoors playing, a seemingly great thing in this time of video games, smartphones, and cable TV’s nearly endless selection of shows. But you worry about the heat. The temperatures on your backyard playground equipment can get up there. And the temperature really doesn’t even matter. All it takes is a direct sunlight to get some pieces of equipment too hot for bare skin—or to cause a sunburn. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, five or more sunburns double the risk of developing skin cancer. Scary stuff, especially when we are dealing with our children.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) lists shading considerations in its Public Playground Safety Handbook and recommends providing shade for all metal slides and areas of shade if the playground will be exposed to direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day. The CPSC also warns that thermal burns aren’t limited to exposed metal surfaces. In fact, plastic, rubber, and other non-metal surfaces have caused a larger percentage of burn incidences.

Playground Equipment with shade