Looking Back, Looking Ahead. Awning Works and the St. Pete Pier.

Teal Fabric Awnings at the St. Petersburg Pier

Where does the time go? Believe it or not, 2015 marks our 30th year of business here at Awning Works. Reaching this milestone, we will periodically be looking back over the course of the year at some of our favorite or significant projects over the past three decades. For us, it is a way to remind ourselves of where we have come from and help re-focus on where we are headed as a company.

st. peter pier with teal awningsIn the early 90s we did work with the Pier in St. Petersburg, installing a series of teal fixed fabric awnings that enhanced the aesthetic of the pier. Fishermen and families, locals and visitors all journeyed to the Pier in the comfort of the shade of Awning Works. In our president’s office, we have three framed photos of the Pier from that era, commemorating our work and even won an award from The Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) for our work.

Now St. Pete is on the precipice of a new design for the Pier. The iconic inverted pyramid design will give way to a fresh new look that will define the St. Petersburg waterfront for years to come. Our family has been in this business for 30 years in the St. Pete and Tampa Bay community, and we take pride in having had a hand in impacting an icon for our city. Perhaps we’ll be fortunate enough to do it again when the new design is chosen.

Until then, we are excited for the future of our company and the community, for the next 30 years and beyond. Follow our blog throughout 2015 to revisit more of Awning Works’ amazing history.

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