Stainless Railings: No Maintenance, Low Life Cost, High Style

stainless steel railings

Stainless steel cable railings offered by Awning Works Inc. are fabricated with stainless steel cable and fitting components, all made in the USA. Here locally, in St. Petersburg, Florida, you can see a great example of a unique cable railing design at the Salvador Dali Museum.

stainless steel railings - Salvador Dali Museum, St. Petersburg FL

Stainless steel railing systems are designed to give a modern look for both interior and exterior applications, without obstructing the view. These systems are great for deck railings, staircases, and docks. Cable railings are strong but lightweight and are a perfect choice for someone wanting to add a little flair while still providing the necessary safety compliance.

Years ago, cable rail systems were used primarily in commercial applications, but over the last several years we’ve seen homeowners choosing this type of railing system as a sleek and attractive alternative to traditional handrails. There’s also a style option to use glass or acrylic as a barrier and where there might be a need for a wind break. Additionally, all of our handrail systems can be ADA compliant.

stainless steel railings

Architects love incorporating cable systems in their projects due to the sustainability of using stainless steel. Stainless steel by nature is considered a green material and more and more architects are beginning to specify cable railing systems in an effort to choose more environmentally conscious alternatives to traditional wood or steel systems.

Our entire line of handrail systems are designed with aluminum and stainless steel construction and can either be welded or mechanical assembled. We have many different attachment options and a wide variety of finishes including anodized, Kynar, or powder coat in an array of colors.

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