Sunbrella Bench Seat Re-Cover and Master Bedroom Makeover

bedroom makeover

Here on our Awning Works Inc. blog, we showcase a lot of our commercial projects. A large part of our business community, though, are the do-it-yourself crowd. Therefore, we are mindful to include some of our DIY-ers from time to time. Today, we wanted to highlight a couple who found what they were looking for right here in our showroom.

A few months ago, Kaye and Dixie came into our 2,000-square foot showroom here in Clearwater, Florida, looking for some durable, high-quality fabric to reupholster the bench seat on their boat that would accentuate their current theme. They also were searching for a unique look for their master bedroom. By coming in, they were able to get their hands on our Sunbrella products, thumbing through the samples and feeling the different fabrics. Kaye fell in love with a Ralph Lauren Sunbrella fabric; however, for the size of their project, the pricing was above what they were looking to spend.

sunbrella custom bedspreadThankfully, our Awning Works Inc. associates were able to work with them and find a similar furniture-grade Sunbrella fabric that better served their budget. C. Faye Designs was able to produce some great results, creating a beautiful bedspread in canvas heather beige and sapphire blue for the bedroom and an inviting bench seat on the outdoor deck.

Awning Works Inc. is a company located in Pinellas County in Florida that serves a variety of clients. We have done commercial projects for places such as Eckerd College, Busch Gardens and Walgreens. We also are able to work with the do-it-yourself consumer, creating pillows, cushions and more.

To see all that Awning Works Inc. has to offer, make sure to view the galleries on our site to provide some inspiration for any level of project, or come into our showroom and feel them for yourself. Also, make sure to like us across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Houzz.

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