Louvered Sunshades Give Landmark Tampa Pool a Face Lift

fabric awnings - Roy Jenkins Pool - Tampa, FL

Exterior Awnings and Shutters Adorn Reopened Davis Islands Facility

Roy Jenkins Pool on Davis Islands is back and open for business after years of renovations and restoration. Friday, August 22nd, 2014, marked the culmination of countless hours of phone calls, emails and community work to get this historic pool back into shape for the entire community.

Roy Jenkins Pool was built in 1928 and had been a mainstay for Davis Islands residents for generations, enjoyed by children and families up until 2008. That’s when the facility became one of four city-owned pools that were deemed so outdated, they had to be shut down by officials.

Since then, Davis Islands residents have been working with the city ever since to get the pool renovated and reopened. Awning Works Inc. was among the companies able to help make this labor of love dream into a reality.

Awning Works worked alongside Pillar Construction Group, the City of Tampa and others to help restore and refurbish the pool. We are honored and proud to be part of such a historic building project. We adorned the exterior of the building with louvered sunshades and fabric awnings featuring Dickson Orchestra Venezia Blue Linen White 7130 Outdoor Awning & Canopy Fabric.

roy jenkins poolRoy Jenkins Pool is now back and open for residents to enjoy, helping connect the past to the present for the City of Tampa. The reopening helps to boost the sense of the community, as well as providing a place for the community to stay physically healthy. It is always our pleasure to be a part of any project, and especially one this significant to the Tampa Bay area.

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photo courtesy City of Tampa

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