Commercial Structural Umbrellas Won’t Fold to Strong Winds

commercial structural umbrellas

These durable structural commercial umbrellas offer style and an effortless ROI.

Because we know that when it comes to Florida weather, two of the top things on the list are sunshine and high winds, we have to tell you about one of our latest products: commercial structural umbrellas. Whether you’re looking to install a shaded area at a place like Roy Jenkins Pool on Davis Islands in Tampa, or need to add some style and cover to your outdoor dining space along Beach Drive in downtown St. Petersburg, structural commercial umbrellas are the way to go, and Awning Works Inc. has exactly what you’ll need to keep your customers cool and your commercial space made in the shade.

These structural umbrellas offer a completely innovative way to handle outdoor dining. While many outdoor dining areas place umbrellas directly in the middle of the customer’s table, Awning Works can install a structural umbrella that is out of the way of the customer, keeping your open spaces open. With a Vista Cantilever umbrella, multiple tables can be shaded with just one umbrella. Plus, these cantilever umbrellas offer a pivoting option, allowing for business owners to adjust an umbrella depending on the time of day or to remove the shade altogether.

With our structural umbrellas for your business, there is no longer a need to run and gather all the umbrellas from the patio furniture every time a bit of wind kicks up. These adjustable umbrellas are perfect for keeping your customers covered, rain or shine.

structural umbrellasWe are able to offer these structural umbrellas with plenty of customizable options. These umbrellas come with 56 different canopy color options, as well as 26 powder coat finishes. We are also able to offer umbrellas with customized add-ons for each individual client need. We can equip umbrellas with link panels that allow for a seamless seating area, add a misting fan, lighting or even personalized graphics, meaning we can meet whatever need you may have. Plus, these umbrellas come with a 5-year commercial frame warranty, protecting your investment for years to come.

Structural umbrellas are just one more thing that Awnings Works has to offer. We are able to provide solutions for the individual homeowner as well as the publicly-traded business and everyone in-between. Visit the “Products” tab on our website to see all that Awning Works has to offer. To see more, find us on Facebook or Pinterest to see galleries of our work. Leasing options are available for our structural umbrellas as well as many of our commercial and hospitality products. To find out more, call or email us and always feel free to stop by our showroom in Clearwater, Florida.

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