Meeting the Needs of Hospitality, Inside and Out

commercial structural umbrellas

The Florida heat and summer rain have a way of keeping people indoors. For the hospitality industry, the fluctuations in weather can mean losing your outdoor dining area, your live entertainment patio or even just keeping people from leaving the comforts of home. But what if you could address all those issues with a one-stop shop of solar control solutions?

In the Sunshine State, having an outdoor seating area is a feather in the cap for any restaurant. People come from all over the world to visit this area, and having the option to sit outside and enjoy a meal in the Florida weather is a major factor for many tourists. But as we in Florida know, the climate here doesn’t always provide the best conditions for outdoor patrons to dine.

When planning your outdoor dining situation, how could your business be augmented by adding something as simple as an awning or umbrella? Consider the project we did for the Beach Haus in Gulfport, Florida. The restaurant wanted to make sure their rooftop dining was an option year-round. They also wanted to ensure that they didn’t lose the sight lines of a Florida sunset or the ability to sit under the stars. They chose to install a Ke Outdoor GENNIUS retractable roof pergola and paired it with roll curtains to enclose the outdoor space in case of inclement weather. Now their customers can sit outdoors and enjoy dinner or live music rain or shine.

We can offer the big things such as structural umbrellas, retractable awnings and LED signage, while also offering you the detail items for hospitality businesses, including seating, cushions and window coverings.

Durasol GENNIUS retractable awning A2

Awning Works Inc. is well-known for providing quality awnings for both commercial and residential clients. Visit our new hospitality page to see all that we are able to offer. Our showroom and manufacturing facility, located in Clearwater, Florida, displays our many product lines as well as thousands of fabrics that can be COM with any contract seating project. For more information, view or download our Hospitality Catalog. Awning Works is proud to offer leasing options on numerous commercial products that can meet your needs in the hospitality industry.

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