Awning Works’ Sign Division

Located in Clearwater, Florida since 1985, Awning Works Inc. has always been diversified in our product offering. We are mainly known for our sun control products which include a variety of awnings, canopies, and shade screens, but did you know that we are also a full service sign company?

We offer an extensive selection of interior and exterior signage options and can meet challenging budgets. We specialize in contract pricing for commercial projects and creating cutting edge, 21st century designs. Whether it’s for a small office building, a retail complex, a hotel, or even interior signage for a hospital, Awning Works offers everything from backlit awning signage to full size LED sign capability.

All of our signage can be ADA compliant including Braille, pictograms, and tactile lettering.

The creation of landmark signs such as the one we designed and manufactured for ourselves is something that we are especially pleased to offer. Our sign was a challenge since we had to incorporate an LED sign as well as three separate company divisions, but we think it turned out spectacular! Here are some pictures of the project from its design phase all the way through to the end:


If you’re thinking about a landmark sign or a sign that will set you apart from your competition, look no further. With almost 30 years in the business, Awning Works is diversified enough to fit any budget or design expectation. We are ready to work with owners, architects, design consultants and the like to come up with the perfect sign design for you. Although we are located in Clearwater, FL, we can deliver and install anywhere in the U.S. and here are just some of the sign components and processes we are known for:

Sign Components & Processes

  • Acrylic Sign Letter & Logos
  • Aluminum Letters
  • Backlit Fabrics
  • Carved HDU Dimensional
  • Cast Metal Letters
  • Changeable Letters
  • Channel Sign
  • Digital Graphics
  • Dimensional Letters & Logos
  • Flat Routed & V-Groove
  • Foam Sign Letters
  • Foam w/Metal Face Sign Letters
  • Formed Plastic Letters
  • Laser Cut Acrylic Lettering
  • Layered CNC Cut PVC Logo
  • Metal Sign Letters
  • Multi Layer Acrylic ADA Signs
  • Photopolymer Processing
  • Real Stone Veneer
  • Reverse Channel Sign Letters
  • Sandblasted HDU & Cedar
  • Stainless Steel Sign Letters
  • Textured Glass Panels

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